Course Outline

Course is designed to meet needs of DGCA syllabus & pass exams with excellent results. Every concept is explained in detail so that student understands real life application of knowledge in his/her aviation career.

Subjects :  

    1.    Air Navigation    :    

                    a. General Navigation - CPL/ATPL

                    b. Radio Aids - CPL/ATPL

                    c. Flight Instruments - CPL/ATPL

                    d. Mass & Balance - CPL/ATPL

                    e. Performance - CPL/ATPL

                    f. Flight Planning - CPL/ATPL

    2.    Aviation Meteorology    :    

                    a. Weather Theory

                    b. Weather Services

                    c. Global Climatology

                    d. Indian Climatology

    3.    Air Regulation     :    

                    a. CARs

                    b. Human Factors

                    c. Indian Aircraft Rules 1934 & 1937

                    d. National Law

                    e. Operational Procedures 

                    f. Communication 

    4.    Technical General     :    

                    a. Principles of Flight

                    b. Power Plant
                             i.  Gas Turbine Engines (Jet Engines and types of Jet Engines)

                             ii. Piston Engines 

                    c. Airframes & Aircraft Systems

                    d. Electrics

                             i.  AC Electrics

                             i.  DC Electrics

Key Features :

  • Concepts explained to minute detail.
  • Best level of training with professional & personal attention to each student.
  • Proven course structure & study strategy to pass DGCA examinations.
  • Daily quizzes and question banks for each topic.
  • Student progress monitoring and support.
  • Daily homework for practicing & revisions.
  • Sample question papers.
  • Course designed considering attention span of modern day’s students. 
  • Concentration enhancement tips to optimise student performance.
  • Doubt solving with minute detail. 
  • Airline captain as a tutor to share real life airline knowledge & experiences.
  • All study materials & notes provided with enrolment. (CX-3 & scientific calculator excluded)
  • Pictorial/Graphical presentation for better understanding and memory aiding concepts.
  • Not only teaching but also developing an acquaintance with real life airline aviation world.

The Online ON DEMND Learning Solution

    CNTAA is a CBT (Computer Based Training) for DGCA Exams. For the first time in India DGCA Exams training is provided in the form of CBT. EASA JAR FAA CBT training modules have been in market for decades but there was none for DGCA exams preparation. As aviation in India is growing to be third largest aviation market in the world, this gap had to be filled. Modern day aviation training demands are dynamic. Indian Aviation industry is growing at rapid pace and unique solutions are required to cater these needs. Need for On-The-Go learning is so pivotal that airlines are transitioning most part of ground training to E Learning applications. The same implements to DGCA ground classes. On-The-Go learning/Online Learning is the new way of gaining knowledge & familiarising yourself with aviation world. 

    CNTAA'S Online ON DEMAND learning solution is synonymous to no waste of time, money & convenience. Quality of training is not only detailed for each concept but is far more effective due to audio visual explanation of concepts. Capt. Neha Thakare has accumulated over 13 years of her teaching knowledge, experience and skills into this online on demand learning platform with one goal. Candidate's success in their pilot career. 

CNTAA learning system is structured to aid memory such a way that the knowledge that you gain, stays with you not only for your DGCA Exams or airline assessments but it stays with you for the rest of your pilot career. 

Key Features of Online Learning :    

  • Study from home or anywhere you’d like.
  • Saving travelling time and money.
  • On demand course.
  • Twice/week Online webinars with Neha
  • State of the art learning platform.
  • Personal contact for doubt solving with daily turnaround.
  • Pioneer DGCA online course in Indian Aviation Training.
  • Accessible from PC/Mac/Android/iPhone/iPad.

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