Here's what you get

as you enrol in full course, you get access to the following immediately..

  • AIR NAVIGATION - CPL : Rs. the 89900/-
    Taught to you directly by Capt. Neha Thakare...
    Detailed online ON DEMAND course including the following..
    a. General Navigation
    b. Flight Instruments
    c. Radio Aids
    d. Performance
    e. Mass & Balance
    f. Flight Planning

    Detailed online ON DEMAND course covering complete syllabus.

  • AIR REGULATIONS - CPL : Rs.59900/-
    Detailed online ON DEMAND course covering complete syllabus.

  • Question Banks & Practice Questions

  • Computer Number Application Assistance & Class 2, Class 1 Medical EGCA Registration Assistance (if required): Rs.30000/- 

  • Special Features of CNTAA : Priceless!!!
    - Proven program for success not only to excel in DGCA Exams but also throughout Aviation career.
    - Hard Copies of notes shipped right to your address.
    - Access to DGCA syllabus QUESTION BANKS
    - LIVE SESSIONS for doubts & student rostering (scheduling).
    - Personal contact with Capt. Neha Thakare for doubts and mentorship.
    - Explanation of each type of sum after every chapter.
    - Mock tests before exams.
    & everything else required for success in DGCA Exams
    total value CPL BUNDLE : Rs.2,29,700.00/- + GST

    *make sure to go through demo lessons prior to enrolment in full course.


for an investment of just Rs.189000/-



  • DGCA Computer Number Application Assistance

    As an ab-initio Pilot Aspirant, Documentation could be challenging. And hence, we assist you for your DGCA Computer Number Application without any additional charge.

  • Class 2 & Class 1 Medical Documentation Assistance

    Initially understanding the eGCA platform can become daunting. So we help you onboard the platform and assist you with your application for the medicals.

  • Price : ₹30000.00

    For these services the industry charges thousands of rupees. But at CNTAA These services are the bonuses included with your enrollment into CNTAA. As a CNTAA student, you will be assisted and guided for what you need to do in order to move forward in your Pilot Career.

3 Pillars of Pilot Training : Knowledge, Skills & Experience

Let's take the first step & build a strong foundation for your aviation career. Make your move to gain knowledge that'll stay with you not only to pass the DGCA Exams but throughout your aviation career.