How to Become a Pilot In India?

In this video we have discussed


Topics covered :
First step after 12th for Aspiring Pilots

  • DGCA Computer Number Application
  • eGCA Registration
  • DGCA Class 2 Medicals 
  • DGCA Class 1 Medicals 
  • DGCA Exams :
    Air Navigation
    Air Regulations
    Technical General
    Technical Specific
  • Flight Training
    Flight training in India
    Flight Training Abroad
  • Flight Training
    Conventional CPL Pathway
    Cadet Pilot Pathway
  • Conversion of foreign license
    GFT Day GFT Night
    RTR Exams
    RTR in India
    RTR Abroad / Commonwealth Countries
  • DGCA CPL License Issuance

Cost of Pilot Training to become an Airline Pilot in India

It's vitally important to know how much exactly pilot training costs. Unexpected numbers during pilot training can adversely affect pilot career. It's always advisable to prepare well financially to as you start your career as a Pilot. In the following video I've given cost involved at each step of Pilot Training. 

Such as costs for 

  • Class 2 & Class 1 DGCA Medicals
  • DGCA Exams Groundclass
  • Equipments Required 
  • DGCA Exams Fees
  • Flight Training Fees 
  • Type Rating 
  • Airline Training (if applicable) 

Go watch the video below...

Eligibility for Pilot Career

Things to know Before starting Pilot Career..

Topics Discussed..

  • Physical Health Requirements to become a Pilot
  • Mental Health Requirements to become a Pilot
  • Financial Preparedness for Pilot Training
  • Educational / Academic Requirements to become a Pilot
  • Legal Criteria to become a Pilot

Additional points covered

  • Career Progression of a Pilot 
  • Pilot Salaries in India 
  • Cost of Pilot Training 
  • Planning finances for Pilot Training

Downloads, Links & References

1. Process application of computer number DGCA PARIKSHA USER MANUAL : 

Application for Computer Number 

2. DGCA Approved Medical Examiners for CLASS 2 MEDICAL list : 


3. NOC | NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE for early / delayed medical process : 

Medical NOC


Procedure for DGCA Centralised Appt & PMR Fwd System

5. Sample : Application for Verification of mark list / certificates / mark sheet to concerned board : 

Verification letter request draft  


Pilot Podcast is a supplementary channel of CNTAA where we discuss with you the intricacies of Pilot career with a dash of FUN!! Aspiring Pilots, DON'T MISS ON THIS ONE!!!


Air India Cadet Pilot Program | by Capt.Neha, WingedEngineer & Nilay

Introduction to GOOD news
What is Conventional Pilot Program?
Why should you clear DGCA exmas before joining Cadet Pilot Program?
What is Cadet Pilot Program?
Is Cadet Pilot Program easier than Conventional Pilot Program?
How many years will it take to reach Airline Cockpit in Cadet Pilot Program?
How many years will it take to reach Airline Cockpit in Conventional Pilot Program?
Airline Training Schedule
Air India Cadet Pilot Program
Eligiblity for Air India Cadet Pilot Program
Cost of Air India Cadet Pilot Program
Job Guarantee or Job Assurance 
Which program should you choose cadet or conventional?
Future Predictions for Indian Aviation


Pilot Demand in India? | New Flight Duty Time Limit | by Capt.Neha, WingedEngineer & Nilay

Indian Aviation 
FDTL revision by DGCA
Fatigue Management for Pilots by AIRBUS
What is WOCL?
Night Operations
Flight Cancellations
Will the new FDTL increase the Pilot's demand?
Best time to start Pilot Training
P&W Engine issues for Airlines
First JOB as a PILOT
From whom to take advise from for Pilot Training?


Best Country for Pilot Training | by Capt.Neha, Nilay & WingedEngineer Pilot Podcast EP41

First Airbus A350 in India
Relation of Theory and Practical exposure to flight training
WingedEngineer’s mistakes during Flight Training
Best way to prepare for DGCA exams
How did we use our Covid time?
Why USA is the best country for flight Training?
Cost of Pilot Training in USA
Flight Training in India
DGCA rule for cross country solo
Flight Training in South Africa & Phillipines
Flight Training in New Zealand
Flight Training in UAE
Flight Training in Canada


Best ways to fund your Pilot Training | by Capt.Neha, Nilay & WingedEngineer Pilot Podcast EP40

Pathway to widebody Aircraft as a Pilot
Cost of  pilot training
Flight training in INDIA vs USA
Faa part 141 vs 61
Loan for pilot training
How to arrange funds for pilot training?
Journey of becoming a Pilot
Pilot's personality
Airforce Pilot
How much loan can a student pilot take? 
How long will it take to payback the loan? 
Indian Aviation


World’s Youngest Female Captain on Boeing 777 Capt. Anny Divya | PILOT PODCAST EP39

Introduction - Captain Anny Divya
When did Captain Anny Divya decide to become a Pilot?
Captain Anny Divya's Pilot Journey
Captain Anny Divya's advice to aspiring Pilots
Journey to Widebody Aircraft 
Struggles during Pilot Training
Studying for DGCA Exams
Opportunities for CPL holders
Memorable event in Captain Anny Divya's journey
What is the best achievement so far?
What was the most challenging part?
ow do you manage JETLAG?
Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now?
Message of Inspiration
Favourite Layover
How did you get adjusted to Aviation?


English Language Proficiency Test for Pilots | AELP | Pilot Podcast EP38

Why do we create aviation content in English?
How to improve aviation English?
What is English Language Proficiency (ELP)?
Why is English Language Proficiency (ELP) mandatory to become a Pilot?
What is it like to listen to ATC?
ATC communications during flight training
Best Environment for Aspiring Pilots
Validity of English Language Proficiency (ELP)
Examination Pattern of English Language Proficiency (ELP)


Airline Training- All you need to know by Captain Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP37

Introduction to Airline Training
How does visiblity affect flight operations?
What does Airline training consist of?
What is the cost of Airline Training?
SOP’s and Diversion
Flight operations
Party and food in Delhi
Importance of exercise for Pilots
Final Phase of Airline Training
Taxi during Low visibility flight operations
How to become a Pilot?
What is the Cost of Pilot Training?
What is the eligibility for Pilot Training?
Conventional vs Cadet Pilot Program
Growth of Indian Aviation


Story of Capt. Ravish Bhalla | Pilot Podcast #36 | Capt. Neha, Nilay

Best way to become a Pilot
Story of Captain Ravish Bhalla 
Airbus vs Boeing
Best flight experiences
Best advise for student pilot
Why did captain Ravish Bhalla chose to become a Pilot? 
How can one help themselves to be a good commercial pilot?
How to read aircraft manuals efficiently? 
Airline Interview


Captain Joe Interview on Pilot Podcast with Captain Neha Thakare | Nilay | EP35

Reason behind Captain Joe creating Aviation Content
How Captain Joe decided to become a Pilot?
From the First Flight experience to the Boeing 747 
Captain Neha Thakare's journey of Pilot Career
Captain Joe on Airbus vs Boeing
Type Rating
EASA license requirements
DGCA license requirements
Captain Joe's Flight Training Experience
Getting job after completion of CPL 
How to Become a Pilot? 
Growth in Aviation Industry
Attitude of an Aspiring Pilot
Which type rating to do Boeing or Airbus?
A message to Pilots under training from Captain Joe
A good Pilot is always learning!!
A message to Pilots under training from Captain Joe


Life of a Female Airline Pilot | Pilot Podcast #34 | Capt. Neha, Dr. Rakesh Winged Engineer & Nilay

Discussed Topics :
Life of a female Airline Pilot during Maternity leave 
How does morning sickness affect flying?
DGCA regulations for flying during pregnancy
What are the effects of flying during pregnancy?
How does radiation affect pilots? 
Dating life of an Airline Pilot
How safe is Pilot's career for women?
Schedule of Airline Pilot
How does sitting for long time affect a pilot during Pregnancy? 
Next Episode
Compatibility for pilots 


Pilot Personality Traits | NEO-PI-R | Mental Health | Pilot Podcast EP 33 with Capt. Neha Thakare


Getting First Airline Job experience by Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP 32 with Capt. Neha

Discussed Topics :
Life of an Airline Pilot in early days of Pilot Career
Winged Engineer's First Week of Airline Training 
Meeting Pilots from all over India
Diversity in Aviation
When do you actually start to fly an Aircraft?
Are you an international pilot or domestic pilot?
How much time does it take to complete ground training?
Feeling of getting an Airline Job
How does moving to different city feel like?
Expansion of Indian Aviation
Career progression of an Airline Pilot
Live Pilot Podcast


AIRBUS vs BOEING | Capt. Dinesh, Capt. Neha & Nilay | Pilot Podcast EP31

Discussed Topics :
Capt. Dinesh : journey of Pilot Training (Storytime)
Capt. Dinesh Airline Pilot Career in India
Small Airplanes vs Big Jets such as Boeing, Airbus
Importance of Communication Skills
Flying as a Flight Instructor in the USA
Flying as a Flight Instructor in the UAE
Which type rating CPL holder should do? Boeing vs Airbus (why Airbus)
Which type rating CPL holder should do? Boeing vs Airbus (why Boeing)
Instagram Q&A 
Cadet Pilot Programme vs Conventional Pathway ?
Annual Income of an Airline Pilot (Captain) ?
Type Rating before induction or after Airline Induction / Interview
Pilot Training after degree / graduation or right after 12th ?
Captain Dinesh 's message to the Aspiring Pilots


Life of Pilot in Dubai by Nilay, Winged Engineer, Pilot Rizwan Taj | Pilot Podcast EP30


Discussed Topics :
Difference between training in 2008 vs 2023
Thank you for appreciation
How can a Pilot joins Emirates?
Opportunities for Commercial Pilot in INDIA
Working abroad as a Pilot
Advice for aspiring Pilots training abroad
Flight Training in 2023
CBT (Competency/Computer based training)
Mindset of Student Pilot
Life of an Airline Pilot in Dubai
Things to consider to select Flight School
Advice from Flight Instructor
How is flying in Dubai?
What is the first step to become a Pilot?
How to study as a Pilot?
Is degree required to become a Pilot?


Airline Pilot Vs Flight Instructor by Captain Neha & Pilot Rizwan Taj | Pilot Podcast EP29


Discussed Topics :
How can a Pilot get job in Emirates Airline?
Struggles during PILOT training
Journey of Captain Rizwan Taj
Work Life balance for Airline Pilot
Life of an Airline Pilot
Cost of Pilot training in Dubai and Europe
Meals for Airline Pilot
Challenging experiences as an Airline Pilot
Challenging experiences as a Flight Instructor
Conclusion “Knowledge is Power"


Type Rating Summary by Captain Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP28

Discussed Topics :
Type Rating Experience
Command Training and Airline Training
Should an aspiring pilot use Flight Simulator?
Airbus A320
A320 vs B737 Type Rating
Validity of Type Rating
Aircraft orders
Pre requisite for Type Rating
Type Rating Summary
Soft landing
Rudder Da42 vs A320
 Aerobatic flight
When Passengers meets Pilots
Mumbai Weather during Monsoon


Most AFFORDABLE path to become Commercial PILOT by Captain Neha & Winged Engineer Pilot

Podcast EP27


Discussed Topics :
Airline Vacancies 
Airline interview 
Most affordable way to become a pilot 
What to do after getting a CPL? 
How can a cabin crew become a Pilot?
How can you start Pilot training while working? 
Wind Shear during final approach
Pilot’s Schedule 
Important advice for aspiring pilots
How to stay fit as a Pilot?


How Pilots Navigate Through Cyclones (BIPARJOY) by Captain Neha & Winged Engineer Pilot Podcast



Discussed Topics :
Pre-Monsoon storm Biparjoy
Flying during storm
What are Gust Winds? 
Landing in gusty winds 
After Landing successfully 
Responsibility of a Pilot 
Bad Weather during Flight Training 
Dedication to become a Pilot
Mindset of a Pilot inside 
How can you decide to become a Pilot? 
How tough are DGCA Exams for Pilots?
Opportunities to become a Pilot

Demo Lessons CPL 


Type Rating experience by Captain Neha & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP25


Discussed Topics :
Introduction to type rating
Pre requisites for type rating 
Visa process 
First week of Type Rating
Ground School for Type rating 
Airbus Pilot Transition/ Airbus Procedure Trainer
Fixed based Simulator (FBS)
Full Flight Simulator (FFS)
FCOM A320 Manual
Training post Type rating 
Fly/Aviate Navigate Communicate
Skill Test Day & Night IR check 
Captain Neha’s Type Rating Experience 
Red Eye Flight 
Cost of Type Rating 
Duration of Type Rating 
Validity of Type Rating 
Abridged Course 
Cadet pilot program is open


Should you become a Pilot in 2023? | Pilot Podcast EP24


Discussed Topics :
Airline Pilot Vacancies in 2023
Airline Assessment Process
Group discussion
Grooming for Interview
Cost of Pilot Training in 2023
Should you become a Pilot in 2023?
Different pathways to become a PILOT
Upcoming Airlines 2023
Widebody Pilot Vacancies
Selection for Airline


Quickest way to become an Airline Pilot after 12th | Pilot Podcast EP23


Discussed Topics :
Congratulations on CPL
Type Rating explained by Captain Neha
Which aircraft to do type rating on?
Height requirements for a PILOT
Seek guidance from genuine Pilots
FAA and DGCA ground school
What is the best time to join DGCA ground school?
Is food included in the cost of Pilot Training?
Flying preference given to students who have cleared DGCA exams
Is DGCA ground school provided by Flight school worth it?
Frame work for quickest way to become a Pilot after 12th
How much will a month delay cost a PILOT?
Process of getting Airline Job after Type Rating
Opportunity for Aspiring pilots
Cadet Pilot vs Airline Assessment 
Glimpse of Airline Training
Purpose of life jackets on an Aircraft
Behind the Scenes


How do Flight illusions affect a PILOT? | Pilot Podcast EP22

Discussed Topics :
Congratulations on CPL
Shortfalls for Issuance for DGCA Cpl.
Is it good to work as a Pilot in CANADA?
Cooking during PILOT training
Unfortunate Air Crash 
What is a Graveyard Spin Illusion?
The Unfortunate incident 
Flight illusions
IFR fight Training
Nepal Air Crash
Safest mode of transport
The Tribute


BEST time to start your Pilot Training? by Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP21



Discussed Topics :
How a Pilot feels on leave?
How do Pilots feel during a transition to a new Aircraft?
Opportunities for Aspiring Pilots
How to become a Pilot if you're short on funds?
Working as a Flight Instructor
Flight Instructor salaries in India
The Attitude of an Airline Pilot
Introduction to Hazardous Pilot Attitudes
Synergistic Cockpits
Different Pilot Personalities
Applicability of the MAVERICK Attitude for Commercial Pilots
Hazardous Pilot Attitudes
The Correct Order to Fly a Plane
Why Psychometric Tests are Mandatory for Pilots
Do Pilots Get Paid for Using Autopilot?
RVSM: What You Need to Know
Does Autoland Make a Pilot's Life Easier?
Bonus: 2 Marks for Your DGCA Exams
Can a Pilot's Job be Replaced?

Demo Lessons CPL 


Want to be a Long Haul Airline Pilot? by Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP20


Discussed Topics :
How is the recovery after the surgery of Captain Neha?
Importance of medicals in Pilot Career
How to be fit as a PILOT?
DGCA Medicals 
Oppurtinites for Aspiring Pilots
When can a Pilot fly Widebody Airplane?
Sleep Cycle of a Widebody Pilot
Relative Humidity Inside the Cabin
How does Laser affect the safety of flight?
What is Dark Cockpit Philosophy?
Consequences of laser on aircraft
What are passengers asked to keep phones on Airplane mode?
How does 5G affect the plane?


Airline Pilot jobs in 2023 by Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP19


Discussed Topics :
What is Temporary Medical Unfit?
How does Flying affect Sinuses?
How does Pilot declare his medical condition? 
What are the types of medical unfitness?
How many sick leaves does a Pilot get? 
What is Pilot Benevolent Fund?
How much does a Pilot get paid when he's on TMU?
What is the good news?
Pilot job vacancies
Our advice during COVID-19
First A350 in India
What is Hub and spoke model?
Transitions during pilot training.
How should a CPL holder prepare for Airline Pilot Job?
Aviation infrastructure in India
What should aspiring pilots who are yet to clear 12th do?
Eligibility to become a pilot (IQ)
Multi Engine requirement for Type rating
Aircraft delivery for an Airline
Transit times for an Aircraft
Passengers should not do THIS!
Advice for aspiring Pilots


Will Pilotless Airplanes be a Reality? by Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer| Pilot Podcast EP18


Discussed Topics :
how is flying during winters?
Types of ILS Approach
What do pilots do when they don’t have visual with the runway?
What is Minima/Minimums?
Pilot flying and pilot monitoring 
Minima vs Minimums 
Can a pilot sleep while using Auto Landing?
Can a cockpit go pilotless?
Our IR check
Requirements for Pilotless Airplanes 
Why are old planes converted into Cargo Planes?
Cargo operations
Are Cargo operations Profitable?
When will the Cadet Pilot Program start? 
What should you do while you decide to wait for cadet pilot program? 
Pilot in India vs Abroad (Canada, USA etc)
Can you become an Airline Pilot in USA?


Flight Training in INDIA | Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP17



Discussed Topics :
Training Update
Foreign CPL conversion
Experiencing flight training in INDIA
How to take advantage of the present Aviation Market?
Do India have surplus Pilots?
What skills are required to become a Pilot?
Pilot progression and Vacancy
Is Captain Neha planning to move to the wide body?
Captain Neha's marriage 
CPL training completion celebration
Why is there a huge Rush of passengers at Airports in INDIA?
Why is Canada rejecting student visas?
Tips to clear USA visa interview
Is it possible to settle in the USA as a Commercial Pilot?
What are the Opportunities for Pilots outside INDIA?
Should a Pilot be judged by means of landings?
Advice for Aspiring Pilots?


AIRLINE PILOT's International Layover | Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP16


Discussed Topics :
Flying in Post Monsoon
International Layover for an Airline Pilot
Breath Analyzer Test for Pilots
Landing during Monsoon
Pilot's Flight Schedule
Aviation Industry Post Covid
Pilot Vacancies in India
When will Cadet Pilot Program Start?
Airline Assessments
Airline Roadshow
CPL holder Opportunities
Type Rating Pre-requisite
Type Rating Validity
Guide for Aspiring Pilots 
What can a CPL holder do right now?

Demo Lessons CPL 


Cadet Pilot Programme Preparation | Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP15

Discussed Topics :
Pilot Vacancies after Covid19
Cost of Type Rating
Airline Specific Training
What is the basic pre-requisite to become a Pilot?
Flying in China
What level of Math and Physics is required to become a Pilot?
How to prepare for Cadet Pilot Program?
Character Traits of a Pilot
Airline Interview Experience 2008
Useful Pilot Resources
Mental Math in Pilot Training
Character Trait: Patience 
Character Trait: Situational Awareness
A helping positive Attitude
Character Trait: Accepting Mistakes
Character Trait: Teamwork
How does Brain storming work?
How to develop Character Traits related to Pilot?


Pilot Vacancies are Back!!! | Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | PilotPodcast EP14


Pilot Training Story of Captain Nikita Tomar | Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | PilotPodcast 


Discussed Topics :
Capt. Nikita Tomar Introduction
Story Time
Pilot Training Challenges faced by Capt, Nikita Tomar 
First Job?


What is Type Rating? Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP12

Discussed Topics :
What is the IRPPC check?
What is the purpose of the IRPPC check?
Type rating schedule explained.
Different types of simulators.
Asymmetric Thrust
What is VMC?
Training on Motion Simulator
Airline specific Type rating
Cost of type rating
How hectic is training during type rating?
Studying different manuals during type rating
What is the requirement to do type rating?
Process for giving Canadian RTR exam.
All types of RTR license
Vacancy for A320


Is it good to become an Airline Pilot in USA? Capt.Neha, Nilay, Winged Engineer | Pilot 

Podcast EP11

Discussed Topics :
Can you become a pilot and settle abroad?
What's the first thing to do when you land in the USA for Commercial Pilot Training?
What to do when a cop(police) pulls you for overspeeding?
If you are going to the USA for pilot training you must be aware of this law!
Dating rules to be aware of in the USA.
how to book a cab for the first time in the USA?
What is the speed limit in the USA?
How to not party in the USA?
What are the opportunities offered by flight school after CPL?
Do we get a work permit after doing CFI?
Can a work permit get rejected?
Can you work part-time while doing Commercial Pilot Training in the USA?
What are the possible ways to immigrate to the USA?
Pilot career progression in the USA.
Major vs Regional Airlines.
Prediction for the Airline job requirement in India after 10 years.
How is Aviation Industry in Canada?
How can experienced pilots can get a job in foreign countries?
What is the risk of working as an ex-pat Pilot?
What salary does a pilot get for working in foreign countries?
Do you want to work in gulf countries as a Pilot?


Life of a Student Pilot in USA Q&A by Capt.Neha & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP10

Demo Lessons CPL 


How safe is flying? by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP9

Discussed Topics :
Weather during Pre-Monsoon season.
How is it to fly a plane while it's raining?
How to avoid Thunderstorms while flying?
Should parents be scared of flying?
What are the risks associated with a single-engine aircraft?
What is the Maintenance tech log?
What is the IM SAFE checklist?
What is the difference between sleep and fatigue?
What are the risks associated with multi-engine aircraft?
What is turbulence?
Have you flown a Cirrus?
Is a pilot scared of the weather?
How does it feel while a pilot is flying through precipitation?
What is the use of Weather RADAR?
How does Wind Shear affect an Aircraft?
What is TOGA thrust?
Should we trust Advanced Aviation technology?
How does ADS-B look like?
What is Flight RADAR 24?
What are the risks associated with Flying?
Can turbulence break an aircraft's wings?
What is an Alternate Airport?
Which is an important character trait for a Pilot?


How to arrange money to be a Pilot by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP8

Discussed Topics :
What is the amount one should look at to become a Pilot?
Cost of Pilot Training India and Abroad
Cadet Pilot program and Conventional Pilot Program
How to arrange funds for Pilot Training?
What do you need to become a Pilot?
Different ways to fund your Pilot Training
What is Buffer Period?
Demand and supply of Pilots
Dreams do come true
First Airline Vacancy
Preparation for Airline Vacancy
What does Airline Training include?
What is the cost per seat per kilometer?
What is a cost index?
Why are Airlines charging an exorbitant amount for Airline Training?
How to become a pilot if you don't have sufficient finances?
How can you get a loan for Pilot Training?
The rise of aviation industry after every downfall


Cockpit stories by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP7

Discussed Topics :
Aviation Industry Post-Covid19
Flying is one of the biggest Pro
Salary of a Pilot
How does a Pilot manage their day for a Red-eye flight?
The concept of the Circadian cycle
Rest during Layover
Pilot gets handsome pay
Airlines have done a Great Job handling Covid
Base provided to Pilots
Weekends for Pilots
Favorite Layover
Privilege of Pilot's Uniform
Healthy Diet & Lifestyle for Pilot
Pilot's Insurance
Pilot's Medical at Airforce Center
Cost of Pilot Training
Opportunities for CPL holder


PILOTS answer Frequently asked QUESTIONS by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast 


Discussed Topics :
Can any ordinary person land a plane?
Which is the most expensive commercial aircraft in the world?
Which is the most challenging airport you have flown to?
Have you seen a UFO?
How long does a passenger oxygen mask work?
Can Pilots listen to Music during the flight?
How much fuel does your plane consume?
Do you think the earth is flat?
Which is the best aviation book?
Do you ever feel guilty while cutting the security line?
Which is the most common mistake a pilot can make?
Are pilots allowed to sleep during the flight?
If a baby is born onboard which citizenship will the baby receive?
What is the crosswind limit of your aircraft?
When would you refuse a passenger to board a plane?
Which one is a safe landing on land or water?
What is the best thing about short-haul flights?
Do you fly with the same crew?
Does the pilot's bag get scanned at security?
What do pilots eat during a flight?
Are flights less turbulent during the night?
Why do planes circle before landing?
How is the most iconic pilot?
Which is the worst airline according to you?
Why do pilots and passengers turn off their phones during a flight?
Which is the best-looking plane?
Which is the worst-looking plane?
Which interesting cargo have you transported till date?
How many days do you spend time with your family?
Are you an international pilot or a domestic pilot?
What's the highest speed you have flown to?
What is the highest altitude commercial planes can fly in India?
Have you got attention from girls being a pilot?

Demo Lessons CPL 


PILOT CAREER - THE GOOD AND THE BAD by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast 


Discussed Topics :
 Aviation Industry Post-Covid19 
 Flying is one of the biggest Pro 
 Salary of a Pilot 
 How does a Pilot manage their day for a Red-eye  The concept of the Circadian cycle 
 Rest during Layover 
 Pilot gets handsome pay 
 Airlines have done a Great Job handling Covid 
 Base provided to Pilots 
 Weekends for Pilots 
 Favorite Layover 
 Privilege of Pilot's Uniform 
 Healthy Diet & Lifestyle for Pilot 
 Pilot's Insurance 
 Pilot's Medical at Airforce Center 
 Cost of Pilot Training 
 Opportunities for CPL holder 


Airline Pilot - Work Life Balance by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP4

Discussed Topics :
What happens after the pilot requests for a Pushback?
What is Pilot monitoring And Pilot flying?
Example for Clearance and Pushback Call.
Boeing 787 Clearance Calls.
How much fuel does the aircraft consume?
Taxi Bot Operations.
ATIS, Clearance, Ground, Departure & Approach Frequencies.
What are Marshalling Signals?
Parking between two 50 million $ Private Jets!
Taxiway clearance and incursions.
Holding Point.
Biggest Crash in Aviation History.
Takeoff & Climb.
Workout Routine for a Pilot.
Drone Pilot Licensing.
Do pilots have a Work-Life Balance?


Pilot's Salary and Career Progression by Capt.Neha & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP3

Discussed Topics :
Introduction to Salary and Career Progression of a Pilot.
How to become a Student Pilot?
Private Pilot Phase of training.
Instrument Pilot phase of training.
Commercial Pilot (Single/Multi-Engine) phase of training.
Type Rating phase of training. 
Is it compulsory to do Type Rating after CPL to get an Airline job?
Salary and Training phase of Junior First Officer (JFO).
Salary and Training phase of First Officer (FO).
Details about ATPL(Airline Transport Pilot License) Exams.
Salary and Training phase of Senior First Officer (SFO).
What is IR PPC?
Salary and Training phase of Captain.
Salary and Training phase of Line Training Captain (LTC).
Salary and Training phase of Type-Rated Instructor (TRI).
Salary and Training phase of Designated Examiner.


Pilot Training Challenges by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP2

Discussed Topics :
Thoughts of becoming a Pilot. 
 Discovering the Opportunity to be a Pilot. 
 Letting parents know I want to become a Pilot. 
 Whom to reach out to if you don't have anyone in the Aviation Industry? 
 Experiencing the Real Struggle. 
 Crew Resource Management (CRM). 
 CNTAA-the Pilot ground school. 
 How to clear DGCA exams in 30 days? 
 What challenges do we face during our flight training? 
 Which Landing is called a good landing? 
 How demanding is the job of a Pilot? 
 Who should become a Pilot? 


Life of an Airline Pilot vs Student Pilot by Capt.Neha, Nilay & Winged Engineer | Pilot Podcast EP1

Discussed Topics :
 Introduction to Pilot Podcast. 
 Introduction to Pilot's Life. 
 How much rest do pilots get? 
 Schedule of a Student pilot. 
 Schedule of an Airline pilot. 
 Every day is different for an Airline Pilot. 
 How does weather affect commercial flights? 
 How does an Airline Pilot prepare for Flight? 
 Preflight Check 
 What is Prop-Strike & Tail-Strike? 
 Solo Phase of Pilot training. 
 How to handle bad weather as a pilot? 
 What is the most satisfying thing for a Pilot? 
 What does the Solo phase of training teach a pilot? 
 Post Flight Duty. 
 What does a Pilot do on a layover? 
 Are you an International Pilot or Domestic Pilot? 
 Most challenging airport? 
 Cabin Pressurization. 
 e-Logbook by EGCA.