A structured course specially designed for Airline FIRST OFFICERS..

DGCA ATPL Exams / Viva delaying your COMMAND UPGRADE??

Well, not anymore...

We understand that busy rosters and approaching DGCA Exams, Vivas can easily get overwhelming.
Considering the schedule, attending a class somewhere and getting it done seems like an impossible option. 

And hence at CNTAA, Capt. Neha has designed an ATPL on demand course keeping in mind the needs of an Airline FIRST OFFICER.

What's included in FULL COURSE?

  • CNTAA - ON DEMND DGCA Syllabus Training : Study anytime anywhere!!
  • Doubts solving sessions.
  • Notes
  • DGA Exams like question banks. 
  • ATPL Viva Prep 
  • Recently and frequently asked Viva Questions. 
  • Mock Viva 
  • Training provided by Capt. Neha Thakare (Airline Captain)

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Take off Distances- Stop way, Clearway

    3. TORA , TODA, ASDA

    4. Take off speeds- V1, VR, V2

    5. Calculating Take off distance

    6. How thrust varies during take-off- Jet Engine

    7. How thrust varies during take-off- Flat rated Engine

    8. How thrust varies during take-off- Propeller and Supercharged Engine

    9. Factors affecting drag during take-off

    10. Take off speed

    11. Factors affecting TOD - Weight

    12. Factors affecting TOD - Air Density

    13. Factors affecting TOD - Wind

    14. Factors affecting TOD- Runway slope and Runway Surface

    15. Factors affecting TOD- Flap Setting

    16. QUESTION

    17. QUESTION

    18. QUESTION

    19. Questions

    20. Questions

About this course

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